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  1. This is a powerful book which will open the reader’s eyes to just how drastically our public education system is in need of reform. While there are many humorous moments, heartbreaking anecdotes and telling stories contained within this brief tome, there was one thing that stuck with me. You can read my introspection below but for someone looking to just pick up this book and go, please, please, PLEASE do. Especially if you have children in the public education system. Learn what type of parent

  2. I first noticed Kelly Flynn as the educational contributor to the Flint Journal and the Jackson Citizen Patriot newspapers. Currently, I understand, she is a freelance writer still focusing on public education and the current state of affairs. From her teacher perspective her book is a collection of observations regarding the classroom, students, parents, community, and policy. She takes a frank and honest look at what is really going on within these confines whether, as they say, it is the good

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