5 thoughts on “The Street of the City

  1. This is my favorite Grace Livingston Hill book! It’s set during WWII and is about a young woman, her struggling family, an elderly woman, and, of course, a young man. All of her books are pure and innocent, but this one has such beautiful imagery! The street of the city is the frozen river that she ice skates to and from work on each day.

    I took it to camp with me and read it to my cabin of 9th grade girls. I didn’t have time to finish it, though, so they all wanted her name so they could find t

  2. This book by GLH is set (and was written) during WW2, which is a particularly favorite setting of mine. Frannie is a young woman from a good family that fell on hard times when the father became ill, lost his business and then died. They have recently moved to a new city, into a small house on “the wrong side of the river” and Frannie has gone to work in a defense plant. When her mother collapses, some new people enter their lives that are to have a lasting impact on the family. This includes a

  3. This book is from an author who died in 1947 but one of the best loved authors of all time. Her books carry themes of christian values and many combine suspense,romance and a lesson all in one. This book was an enjoyable read as long as you keep in mind the time period it was written in. Good writinf is timeless as is Grace Livingston Hill

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