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  1. I received this book as a first reader. This book is amazing if you have adopted a child- especially if it was international adoption. My husband and I are in the adoption process through the country of Columbia and our social worker suggests that we read books to our children that are age appropriate about adoption, this book is perfect. The author explains adoption through the story a a momma bird who adopts a baby bird from a different area. I don’t want to give the story away- but it is supe

  2. The gentle rhyme of this book makes it pleasing to the ear of children while teaching about adoption. In a matter of fact way, children are taught that adoption is a way to enter a family and that the family is no different from other families–a mother and a father providing for the needs of the children while teaching the children “what is wrong, what is right.” The illustrations are bright and colorful. A book to be read to children born into families as well as through adoption.

  3. I received this book in the mail on Saturday from the GoodReads First-Reads giveaway. What a wonderful program.

    I loved the book. The sing-song rhythm of the verse is so catchy and easy to follow. It is great for children and adults of all ages.

    Knowing a number of friends that have adopted children, this is the perfect story to read and begin the discussion about adoption. It should not be the only thing said, but it is a great, gentle way to start the conversation.

  4. I received this book for free from a goodreads giveaway. This book was very well written and though is meant for adoption could also be used for a child who is going into a step family situation with just a few tweaks to the story. As far as for adoption, this is a great book for broaching the subject with young children in a story that they will be able to understand. I read it to my 2 year old granddaughter and she loved it.

  5. This is a beautiful book and a must read for mothers of every walk of life. The amazing watercolor paintings illuminate this mother’s story about her journey to adopt her son. It’s a heartwarming tale about the loving intention of parents as their family unfolds. Beautiful and inspiring for everyone but especially for parents wanting to tell the story of adoption to their children.

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