5 thoughts on “The Shepherd’s Prayer

  1. Another Christmas approaches, even as I sense my own not completely suppressed bah humbug mood rising in response to all the bling and blare of this increasingly materialistic season. I’ve for some time now felt that we are losing sight of the spirit of Christmas, substituting a rat race for the biggest, gaudiest array of gifts for the quiet family gathering and meditation on the birth of a new spirit in each and every one of us, a reminder to give ourselves over into the hands of a higher power

  2. While this is a sweetly written, short book about the shepherds who come to see Jesus just after His birth, it was a stretch for me to take that short biblical passage and turn it into this story of another man of the Bible. I must remember that it is called a novel on the cover and the conclusions that the author makes in the book are just that, fiction.

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