3 thoughts on “The Sesame Street Dictionary

  1. Library book sale. I found the Old School version, with Bert and Ernie and those tweedlebugs. Not the Elmoian horror you see presented here. I’d have to imagine the recent edition is changed, the 1980 edition features muppets that, I’m certain, kids wouldn’t recognize (Roosevelt Franklin, Sully, Sherlock Hemlock).

    Sample entry:

    Dinosaur–A dinosaur is a kind of animal that lived millions of years ago.

    (illustrated by Roosevelt Franklin sitting on top of a house; the house has just received a chomp

  2. This is a picture of the new edition, I guess, but I read the Sesame Street dictionary cover-to-cover until the covers came off… haha… I loved that book when I was 2-3, and I still have it 23 years later!

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