5 thoughts on “The Secret Magdalene

  1. Mariamne. Queen Bee. John the Less. Magdal-eder.
    Daughter. Prophet. Student. Apostle.
    Woman. Man. Heart. Rock.

    Many names, many roles, many titles.

    Only one human being.

    Mary Madgalene

    This book is wonderful, and I am so glad of being able to read it. I am always being a “fan” of Mary Magdalene, and here I was able to read the story that I want to read about her life. Definitely it’s now one of my favorite books.

    I am not saying that this is the truth. However, if you really believe that Mar

  2. I’m not a Christian so I had no idea as I began this book what I “ought” to think about it. I read it because of its reviews and I am so glad I did. It probably seems to be all about the Bible and Christianity and religion, but it isn’t. It’s about the teachings of real mystics, people who have transcended this world we think so important and so real, and causes us so much pain. It’s about what Jesus Christ probably really taught, and you won’t find much of that in your Bible. But for me, it’s a

  3. To tackle this particular story takes chutzpah. But there’s so much more to this book than a completely compelling reworking of what the writers of the gospels retold so long ago. There’s the missing historical background the Bible doesn’t give you, and the depth of the philosophical sources (Hellenistic, Persian, Gnostic) that went into Christianity at the very beginning, and then there’s the incredible understanding of what Jesus was trying to teach us. Plus, it’s all done in story, no preachi

  4. The best. Finished it a week ago and it stays in my head so I find myself mulling over everything. If this keeps happening, I’ll have to read it again sooner than I expected to. A wondrous work of beauty. Not religious. Not preachy. Not new age. A novel of huge importance.

  5. Tough one to review. A little slow in spots but so interesting. This is basically the philosophy of Jesus Christ and his rise to being the messiah. This story certainly differs from the gospels. A.) it’s told from a woman’s perspective and B.) the God, Man, Son relationship is very philosophical! C.)If you believe in everything the gospels say then read this as fiction, which is what it’s labeled as anyways.

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