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  1. True Arthur Machen lovers know he wrote his best stuff before WW I began, so, if you are one of us, don’t be put off by the fact that The Secret Glory was first published in 1922. It was actually written in 1907, and this first literary use of the theme of the Holy Grail surviving into modern times bears the mark of Machen’s best literary style on every page.

    This strange little book depicts the ghastly utilitarian world of the pompous, ostentatiously Christian public school, obsessed with team s

  2. A surprise that this book is so obscure. The writing and the story were magnificent. Machen may be the Welsh Poe.

    Was Ambrose Meyrick insane or born in the wrong millennium?

    A Welsh orphan, he went to live with his uncle at a public school in the industrialized midlands, where he was seen as a lazy, idle, unrealistic and impractical dreamer. So he was caned by the teachers, bullied by his classmates, and bored by his classes.

    His father, before his death, had developed an enthusiasm in him for anti

  3. I’m gonna just straight up confess that I didn’t really get this book. I was given a lot of Machen books a while back and they were all up there under fiction “M”, and the first book I pulled out was “Hieroglyphics” which is non-fiction; I had a sense that maybe I should’ve read that before this, since a lot of the mysticism was not something I could relate to. It reminded me, in that sense, of The Wild Ass’s Skin, although Balzac’s philosophy was more pseudo-scientific than mystical and more ex

  4. Zoals in veel werk van Machen zitten in deze roman originele idee├źn en een gevoel van typische Macheniaanse mystiek, maar ook veel slecht geschreven te lange stukken tekst die de plot vaak rommelig maken en waarin de journalistische stijl van Machen op een wat irritante manier naar voren komt.

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