5 thoughts on “The Second Horror (99 Fear Street: The House of Evil, #2)

  1. A spine chilling read that I remember well as a kid. Just as good as it was back when I read it as a kid!

    The second Installment of 99 Fear street.

    In this book we meet Brandt and his family the house 99 fear street still stands and its ready to unlock its morbid horror.

    I read these as a saga to my Retro horrors with books Have to say i enjoyed this.

  2. This sub-set of “Fear Street” was actually one of the few arcs that surprised and/or freaked me out (really only the “Historicals”/Fear family Sagas chilled me…for some reason Stine could think of a thousand and one ways to kill a person in olden times in terrifying ways) and despite having not read the first (or third) one in years I still had a decent enough working knowledge to muddle through this one unconfused.

    There’s a few things to remember when you’re reading a Fear Street novel so you

  3. ‘The Second Horror’ is the second installment in the 99 Fear Street series. After suffering a tragic fate, Cally Frasier remains trapped in the house as a vengeful ghost. She intends to wreck havoc on the new family that moves in – handsome Brandt and his unsuspecting parents.

    This book featured fewer creepy scenes compared to the first installment and most of the horror bits mirrored the ones which had been written before. Basically, it was all quite predictable and repetitive – objects suddenl

  4. Oh man I totally remember this book from when I was a kid. I was obsessed with the Fear Street series, it was as close to adult horror novels as I got until I was like 14!

    If I’m right, this one involves a lot of voodoo practices. R.L. Stein was always able to pull of creative ideas in a short space. Definitely a nostalgia read for sure!

  5. Very creepy. Wouldn’t want to live at 99 Fear Street. Poor Ezra. :-(. It was interesting to know what Brandt’s condition was.

    Would recommend for anyone who is a fan of horror novels and R.L. Stine.

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