5 thoughts on “The Search for Kä (Gandalara Cycle, #5)

  1. This book comes as a relief after the previous one: it makes relatively pleasant reading, and also moves with reasonable pace and includes a number of significant plot events.

    Rikardon and Tarani still struggle with moments of disagreement and lack of trust, but the problems between them are not as bad now.

    I still don’t find here the compelling scenes that motivate me to reread a book. I’ve read it for this second time only because the first time was thirty years ago and I’d forgotten what happen

  2. I’ve had to pick up and flip through the first omnibus of this series to see if I was kidding myself about enjoying them. The Well of Darkness was too much backtracking and redudancies to be enjoyable. There are problems here, but the book trades in on enough revisitng of characters from the first three books (Thymas and the Sharith, Thanasset and co. at Raithskar, etc.) that it’s not completely frustrating. The rise of another less singular menace facing Raithskar (view spoiler)[in the form of

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