5 thoughts on “The Ruins of Noe (Faerie Tales from the White Forest, #2)

  1. I received a free copy of this book in exchange to write an honest review.

    Danika Dinsmore has once again written a thrilling middle-grade book. The excitement continues as you follow Brigitta as she trains to become one of the Elders for her village. When she discovers that she may be able to once again save her village she sets out on another journey with the High Priestess Ondelle. Though it sounds slightly similar in tone to the first book, I found the situations slightly more dire and the ch

  2. I was quite intrigued with the first of this series Brigitta of the White Forest. The Ruins of Noe continues the saga even further when Brigitta travels to the disturbing ruins of Noe where faeries of a very different kind dwell and where no one, not even the high priestess is safe. The wonderful thing about this novel, is that it continues to Ondelle of Grioth. Now I can’t tell you why I’m very excited to read this. Only know that something huge happens in the second novel that promises a good

  3. If you read the first book in this series, Brigitta of the White Forest, you know that this story is based on a fairy world where the main character Brigitta is a fairy destined to be a leader among all fairies. Brigitta’s first adventure had her saving the lives of all the fairies in The White Forest from a curse of stone. Her adventure took her out of the White Forest (her magically protected home) and into the Dark Forest in search of an exiled fairy Hrathgar. Upon saving the White Forest, Br

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    Such an adventurous little soul Brigitta has. Destined to be an Elder faerie, yet longing for adventure. In the first novel we see that Brigitta is jealous of her friends for having their destiny marking when she doesn’t, as well as our spending time with her trying to figure out what she is good at that will spend the rest of her life doing. We hear

  5. Second in Danika Dinsmore’s Faerie Tales from the White Forest, The Ruins of Noe extends the world and history of White Forest fairies, sending Brigitta, now an apprentice elder, on a quest to find the Ancients who uphold the forest. Readers who enjoyed the first book will thoroughly enjoy this second. But the story stands alone very comfortably too.

    That vexing question of free-will vs destiny rears its head again, with teen fairy Brigitta still unsure why she’s destined to lead, and the Great H

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