5 thoughts on “The Ruby Of Kishmoor

  1. A short read, but just the thing to fill a rainy afternoon. I am an ardent admirer of Howard Pyle, both as a writer and artist, and this story only added to my respect. (It’s not often that an individual is masterful in both writing and art – but Pyle is an exception. Art was his greater gift, but the two together are really wonderful.) While the main character is not a pirate, there are pirates and sea battles and all the salt-spun flavour one could want in a swashbuckler. Not his best work, bu

  2. Jonathan Rugg, the hero, is one unique man. Loyal and trustworthy.

    His unexpected adventure showed his bravery and courage. He had the strength to fight of evil even if he knew he had what it takes to be one. Much like Harry Potter. :b

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