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  1. This book intrigued me because of the movie trailer. If I know that a movie is based on a book, I have to read the book before watching the movie. I haven’t watched the movie yet but I’m actually hoping it’s different.

    I thought the character development was decent over the first half of the story but couldn’t understand why Sarah changed her mind and attitude so quickly about Christianity and the Plain culture. It seemed unrealistic that she would go from materialistic and unbelieving to, well.

  2. I really enjoyed reading ‘The Redemption of Sarah Cain’. I have not
    yet seen the movie and I haven’t been able to find the original book,
    as this is the movie edition of the book. I do look forward to reading
    the other version of the book as well as watching the movie to
    compare. Beverly Lewis is one of my favorite authors of the Amish
    genre and the story didn’t disappoint. Most of the books I read are
    about the Old Order Amish so I was rather surprised that this one is
    about the New Order Amish and to

  3. I prevoiusly saw The Redemption of Sarah Cain as a movie on Lifetime and thought it was really cute. I picked up the book and decided to give it a try and ended up being really disappointed. In a rare occassion, I found the movie to be better than the book it was influenced by.

    The Redemption of Sarah Cain tells the story Sarah Cain, an “Englicsher,” and her five Amish nieces and nephews she is forced to look after. I expected the book to be more like the movie, but it was completely different. I

  4. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I totally did not enjoy this book. I don’t want to give any spoilers so I won’t go into detail about the plot. I didn’t like the main character, Sarah Cain. I didn’t like the plot. I hated that it wasn’t until the epilogue. That’s page 300 people is where the main character decides to do her redeeming. Ummm…call me silly but isn’t the book called the redemption of Sarah Cain. Why the heck did it take her to the end of the novel for her to find her redemption!!!! I was so frustrated about this.

  5. I started this book not knowing what I was going to think of it. I was afraid it would end up being slow or dull, but I had no reason to worry! This is the first Beverly Lewis book that I’ve actually read (I’ve listened to 2 others on audiobook). I enjoyed so much more than I would have ever thought possible! I could hardly bear to it down to do things like school and eating. XD
    I love Beverly Lewis’ works so much, they make you think about life in ways you haven’t before. This story had such a d

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