2 thoughts on “The Rebirth of Mrs. Tracey Higging

  1. The Rebirth of Mrs. Tracey Higgins is screenwriter Arlene Gibbs’ debut novel about a reverend’s wife trying to get her life back on track when her marriage falls apart. At 42, Tracey suddenly finds herself single and searching for her own identity apart from being Mrs. Higgins, which begins to take form when she steps inside the kitchen to bake.

    She is guided (and misguided) through this process by an eclectic supporting cast; the book is told from alternating perspectives so the reader gets a fu

  2. I just downloaded this book and I CANNOT wait to start! I have been following Arlene’s blog for years now click here to read about how this book came about


    I will update with my review when I am finished!

    Update: This book is so fun I could not put it down. The ending was perfect. It is so refreshing to have a heroine whose life does not fall apart when dumped for a younger woman. A reminder to all women to live the life you love not the life your husban

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