5 thoughts on “The Prince (Falkenberg’s Legion #1-4)

  1. This omnibus collects all the John Christian Falkenberg novels. It consists of:

    Falkenberg’s Legion
    Prince of Mercenaries
    Go Tell the Spartans
    Prince of Sparta

    The story ranges from the fall of the CoDominium to the rise of Sparta and the First Empire of Man that replaces it. However the macro story takes a backseat to the battles.

    This is solid military SciFi. However, the fact that the first two novels are in fact lashups of earlier works set to a common frame gives the whole story a somewhat di

  2. The capstone of the Aldersonverse, this brings together just about all of Pournelle’s CoDominium Era fiction into one place. It is quite likely what, in its component version, what got me into mil-SF in the first place. Pournelle having seen the elephant, it had the ring of reality to it even when I was reading parts as a preteen, and now as retired military I recognize things I know from experience.

    The only thing wrong with it is that despite decades of begging the good Dr Pournelle, he’s stil

  3. This is a collection of all 4 books in the series, and I believe it has some additional material. If you can, read this series in this book form. And it’s a fine series, if you like space, and battles, and warfare. And good characters.

  4. Old school speculative literature which really focuses on creating a fictional world with a clearly expressed set of rules and problems and then asking: what if..?

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