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  1. I found this a very touching story of an extraordinary man who had won a Victoria Cross for his deeds at Gallipoli during WW1. He struggled valiantly to resume an normal live afterwards but was physically and emotionally scarred by his war experiences. The lives of his wife and son were massively impacted by Hugo Throssell’s depression. It was sad to learn that his grave is not being maintained properly and the headstone only bears fading letters. Surely he deserves better than that given his co

  2. I have had a deep interest in World War 1 and the Light Horse Brigade. My grandfather was a member of the Light Horse and his name appears on the list of those who were believed to have taken part in the infamous last cavalry charge in the battle of Beersheba. The description of the battles in this book are some of the best I have read. The bravery of Hugo Throssell VC is extraordinary and it is a humbling experience to read of his exploits. It is a sad experience however, to read of his demise

  3. A very readable account of the life of Australian Victory Cross awardee, Throssell who married author Katharine Susannah Pritchard. Great Aussie account of the period leading up to World War I and the period beyond. Another contemporary viewpoint on the Anzac myth, pertinent to Australian and NZ middle-schoolers and beyond. It got me in.

  4. Hamilton writes with the easy but engaging style of the journalist that he once was, & once again he has a remarkable tale to tell; this time with a true journalistic scoop.

    Seeing the author launch the book in Throssell’s home town of Northam you could hear the passion he felt about his subject. A very worthy attempt to restore the reputation of a man who should still be a hero today!

  5. Fascinating book on a complex character. Well written and engaging through-out. Felt a little short in length so I suppose that means it hit the mark. The coverage of the Palestine campaign after the death of his brother was sparse. The events after the war were tragic.
    Overall a good read.

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