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  1. 240pgs, for those who will not let go of lost loves, there is a special kind of madness. He writes to her everyday and sends the letters all over the world, never believing she will get them. One day, she replies, He obsessive behavior is about to take him on a mad ride that will ultimately mean him paying a very painful price.

  2. The book has taken me on an emotional roller coaster ride that left me at times quite intrigued and breathless. It is a virtuously written depiction about what love can do to a quite normal person if it gets out of hand: obsession, (self-)deceit, jealousy, fear and pain being the results. It’s good to have occasional quieter passages in between that put me back in the comfort zone, even made me laugh at times – not without slingshotting me out of there soon afterwards. I found the book difficult

  3. The Pretence cannot be put into a single category, as it has elements from romance, drama, thriller, even comedy, very well combined and blended. This mixture is one thing that contributes to the books uniqueness. It is written in first person, pulling the reader into the mindset of the main character, Simon, whose inability to let go of the past leads him into a downward spiral of obsession. The language itself is beautiful, concrete and uses powerful imagery.

    I was gripped immediately by the b

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