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  1. I read the first two of this series in third grade, by complete chance. I love finding hidden gems like this in the library! The WITCH series has inspired me so much!

    Since the third grade I’ve read a few others and my interest / liking of this series has not waned with age. Oh, some day I will read them all! I really recommend them to anyone who likes unique fantasy / adventure books, even though they are short and meant for pre-teens.

    Also, a note: The TV series isn’t nearly as good.

  2. It is about five normal girls who got chosen to be guardians. I liked this book because this type of book are really what I like. It is entertaining and interesting because it has a lot of details. I recommend this book to people that like fantasy like this type.

  3. Ah, W.I.T.C.H. So much of my childhood was spend obsessing over the series. The books. The comics. The cartoon. The merchandise. You name it I was into it.

    So why only the three stars if I loved it so much?

    Well as time went by, I grew disinterested in the series. I went along with it mainly to see how it ended. I simply wanted to know what the final outcome was.

    Surely that is not enough to merit three stars? You loved it!

    I did, but that was because I was a pre-teen with very low expectations. Th

  4. I remember this series of books being my absolute favourite when I was a child. My first approach to it were the books and I have like five of them (1, 3, 8, 6, 18) because those were the ones I could manage to get my hands on back then. Later, I started reading the comics more because it was easier to read. Thus I was really excited with the animated series, which, looking back, wasn’t a good adaptation and didn’t do justice to the series. The bottom of all is that, this books were with me most

  5. I read these books during my girl-power-loving schoolgirl days (as yet unchanged, only now I’m thinking about the portrayal of girl power in the media in a more modern feminist perspective).

    I deeply dislike the TV series, however I remember the ‘W.I.T.C.H’ books as being sweet, colourful, dramatic, magical, and above all heartfelt. It’s mainly about friendship than anything else, and each of the main characters – who could not be any more different from one another – are flawed, likable and rel

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