5 thoughts on “The Power of a Woman’s Words

  1. The Power of a Woman’s Words by Sharon Jaynes will inspire women (and men) to choose their words carefully because this book illustrates the potent influence a woman’s words can have in the lives of others.

    Jaynes is one of the three women who comprise GIRLFRIENDS IN GOD (GIG), the non-denominational ministry that specializes in encouraging females in their spiritual life. I signed up for GIG daily devotional emails about three months ago, and that’s how I came across this book. Jaynes’ writing s

  2. Dang, this book could have gotten 5 stars if it weren’t for some of the self righteous comments the author made a few times in the book. It would have been better for her to write to a wider audience, then to assume that everyone that reads the book is so conservative of a Christian woman that she would “never” watch an R rated movie, or go to a nightclub. The author had to justify herself a few times so that we wouldn’t think “badly” of her for doing such things. (The movie was EDITED that she

  3. Sharon Jayne’s The Power of a Woman’s Words had a profound effect on me as I think about what I say and the words that I choose to use with my husband, my family and my friends. Just one tidbit of wisdom among many that I read was:
    “Oh God please install a filter between my brain and my mouth. Help me to choose words carefully and speak in smooth and mellow tones. Thank you for teaching me the lesson of the coffee filter.”
    I would say this is a must read for any Christian woman.

  4. I read this book on vacation as my daily devotion because it was our next book for our church book club. What a gem! This author is so gifted in encouraging us to use our words the right way and showing us wrong patterns without making you feel like you’ve been condemned. This is a book I wish I had time to read once a year. Great stuff!!

  5. This and one other book this year saved my Mother’s marriage and improved my marriage way more than I could ever realized. Rather than women complain about their marriages and what their husbands are not doing. The wives need to realize that our attitudes and personalities towards our husbands and family greatly affects the spirit in our homes. As the ladies of our homes, we have more control over bettering our homes than we realize with the words we choose to use.

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