5 thoughts on “The Plumed Bonnet (Stapleton-Downes, #6)

  1. Alistair Munro, the Duke of Bridgwater, was bored with his life. All of his friends, along with his sisters and brother, had married in recent years and had children. At thirty-four years of age, he had his title, wealth and possessions but little else.

    He was returning to London after being entertained by those same friends when he saw a young woman walking on the side of the road. Though her clothes were very plain, THE PLUMED BONNET she wore was garish. Because of the disinterest he was feeli

  2. I enjoyed how the truth slowly unravels and the hero is “hoisted with his own petard”.

    Heroine was sweet and I appreciated that once she knew his true motives, she needed space to decide what was right for her. She did lead him a merry dance which IMHO was well deserved.

  3. A lot of this story was people talking past each other. And that usually drives me up a wall. It didn’t here, and that’s a tribute to Balogh being able to present her characters so strongly that you understand and sympathize even when you want them to behave differently (i.e. out of character). The thing is that Alistair and Stephanie are not only fundamentally different, but have fundamentally different backgrounds and expectations. Add initial experiences that they interpret differently and yo

  4. This is classic Mary Balogh – character-based romance, no silly spy subplots or any of those kinds of devices to artificially establish conflict and suspense. Just adult and human interaction. This one deals with the painful side of the Cinderella story, sensitively and thoughtfully exploring what it would be like to be raised in status from ordinary mortal to the highest level of aristocracy. It’s not the most dramatic romance I’ve ever read, but I finished it satisfied and moved.

  5. The Plumed Bonnet is part of a series that starts with Dark Angel. I have read the previous books some time ago and I never wrote the reviews but reading this one actually made me want to go back and revisit those soon.

    In the beginning of this story we find Stephanie Gray walking along the road in a very colourful hat and destitute. When the Duke of Bridgewater’s carriage comes along he sees a lady of easy virtue who might help him pass a few comfortable hours and he offers her a ride. Stephani

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