5 thoughts on “The Peculiar (The Peculiar, #1)

  1. To begin with this novel was well-written but not very engaging. There is a lot of ambitious world building but at times it feels cobbled together. The language while very descriptive failed to create much of an atmosphere. A lot of time is spent describing things instead of letting the reader use their imagination. The world is described very thoroughly while the characters are left with few personality traits and no features. Also more time could have been spent setting the stage in the beginn

  2. Ich habe mich ausnahmsweise im Rahmen einer Challenge aus meiner typischen Lesekomfortzone herausbewegt, bin ins unbekannte Genre der Young/Adult-Fantasy eingetaucht und muss sagen, es war großartig!

    Was hat sich dieser 16-jährige Autor (ist das wirklich möglich?) da einfallen lassen – so viel Fantasie und eine grandiose Mischung aus den unterschiedlichsten literarischen Elementen.

    In Bath, England irgendwann im 19. Jahrhundert öffnet sich ein Portal, und unzählige verschiedene Feenwesen überschwe

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  4. The author was only 16 when he started writing this, but you really wouldn’t know unless someone told you. Some beautiful metaphors and passages throughout, just very well written. Reminded me of the Bartimaeus series by Jonathan Strout in setting; the rainy and foggy portrayal of London, lots of scenes taking place at night, many magical beings around.

    VERY UPSET when I finished. I read it on my Nook so I wasn’t sure how close I was to the end (which can be a perk or a problem, depending on the

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