4 thoughts on “The Pastoral Epistles

  1. I really enjoyed this commentary. It is designed to help you work through the Greek text. Knight does a great job with that. It is not filled with application. But there are some good sections where he expands on the meaning of particular passages. However, it is more designed for the exegesis phase than the sermon manuscript phase. I found Knight to be a good and helpful guide through the Pastoral Epistles. The only thing I wish the commentary had was his own translation of the text at the begi

  2. Just read the Titus section. OK. The chapel at the St. Louis Seminary is the chapel of Sts. Timothy and Titus. Titus is depicted as an older man. Where do they get that? Titus isn’t in our lectionary much and I can see why. Commentary mostly referred to 1 Timothy.

  3. Comprehensively exegetical (and thus fairly lengthy), working knowledge of Greek required, frequent interaction with other scholars, no attention paid to illustrations or contemporary applications. (Read 2 Timothy in 2011, Titus in 2013).

  4. Great commentary on the Pastorals. Slightly technical, but not so much that it’s unreadable. Wish that Eerdmans had footnoted the inline references earlier in this series, but otherwise a great commentary.

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