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  1. I didn’t know whether to classify this as read or currently reading, because the truth is neither! I read this most of the way through, when trying to find a good book club pick. I ran out of time, had to return it to the library, and I guess it wasn’t gripping enough to make me get it again. I probably would enjoy finishing it if I had it around and nothing better to read. It is the sort of book that is enjoyable for the escape to an interesting place (island of Crete in modern times), kinda fu

  2. I think the title of the novel refers to the way the young protagonist, Douglas Watkins, lived his life until his rich and unhappy fiance throws a glass paperweight at him for being late to their wedding . He wisely flees, literally running into a goat and a young boy several miles outside of town. The story that unfolds is somewhat fantastical, but is told in a economical, straight forward way. It makes you believe that well, it could have happened. I couldn’t help but be amused that the author

  3. This book is set in modern-day Crete. The characters are varied, including a Greek orthodox priest who was raised in America, an American student of archeology, his former fiance’, her parents and a cast of many others. A small town in Greece is the locale, where a war crime took place in the second World War and is still producing a ripple effect. Highly, highly readable and enjoyable! Many thanks to my brother for giving this to me.

  4. It is impossible for me to separate out my inherent interest in all things Crete to be objective enough to provide a helpful review. It is a good read and captures elements of Greek and Greek American culture in a spot on way….Def worth a read.

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