5 thoughts on “The Orgone Accumulator Handbook

  1. This book was an answer to my prayers when I was looking for practical use of the Wilhem Reich theories and experiments. It gives you step by step instructions on how to create and manufactured various types of orgone accumulators, a great practical hand on book.
    Highly recommended

  2. Can’t stop wondering about the world we are living in, full of hatred, greed and envy. Can’t stop thinking about the number of possible ground breaking inventions which were hidden, banned or destroyed, just because it was uncomfortable for someone with the power of money.

  3. Since it was made illegal by the USA FDA in the 50’s, after burning Reich’s publications and research materials in a New York state incinerator, to even use the word orgone in publication let alone do research or use the equipment, this information was for most of my life very difficult to obtain.

    So 4 stars for putting it in my hands in a clear, informative and straightforward manner.

    However, not a 5 star book. I found the information disappointing for several reasons. One, it is in theory unwis

  4. Ενδιαφέρον βιβλίο που ασχολείται με τις λεπτότερες ενέργειες στην ατμόσφαιρα -όπως και το κύριο θέμα του: η οργονοενέργεια- ασχολείται επίσης με το φαινόμενο ΌΡΑΝΟΥΡ (οργονοενέργεια υπερφορτισμένη από διαχεόμενη πυρηνική, ηλεκτρομαγνητική, ακτίνων Χ ακτινοβολία) και το φαινόμενο ΝΤΟΡ (η ακινητοποιημένη και νεκρωμένη Όρανουρ).

    Η οργονοενέργεια είναι η ενέργεια της ζωής. Υπάρχει οπουδήποτε, διαπερνά τα υλικά σώματα, φορτίζει κάθε ζωντανή και μη ύλη και ακτινοβολείται από αυτές. Τη λαμβάνουμε στοματ

  5. I won the book.
    And when it came I figured my mistake.
    Can’t finish it, I’m so not interested in the subject….
    Maybe someone more expert can enjoy it but not me, sorry!

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