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  1. There is something wrong with much of American evangelicalism in its current form. Many churches are declining. We have moral scandals. Evangelicalism continues to splinter into weird offshoots like the emergent church and various other post-modern expressions. And many quarters of society hear the term and revile us (I say “us” because theologically this is where I would truly locate myself) because of our over-identification with conservative political stances and indeed for becoming a pawn of

  2. This is a must-read for practitioners of the racially reconciling gospel. Soong-Chan gives plenty of stories and examples that make this careful work of critique and hope flow with autobiographical ease. Some key concepts like primary & secondary culture as well as Christ’s theology and practice with celebration & sacrifice undergird Rahs’ basic thesis.
    The church in the US – specifically it’s recognized contributions, sought-after leaders, and unconscious loyalty to the dominant culture

  3. If you are a white person in the church in America, and you have not already wrestled with issues like “privilege” and “majority culture”, you WILL have a difficult time reading this book. That being said, I STILL THINK YOU SHOULD READ IT! Rah speaks openly and honestly, and from the position of an ethnic minority in church leadership, about the ways in which Evangelicalism has catered to the principles of white culture. I found myself almost universally agreeing with him, but even so, certain c

  4. I read a reference to this book in an article and was attracted to the title immediately. The thesis that the church must address leadership and popular focus in American Evangelicalism reflects a Western, white culture rather than the reality of the global and even American church demographic compelled me to learn more. The analysis of how the American Evangelical church is shaped by American culture rather than shaping it was insightful and oftentimes convicting. I think this book is phenomena

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