5 thoughts on “The New Codependency

  1. Love her original book Codependent No More. Answered a lot of my questions about my dysfuntional family. Thought there would not be too much more to learn from a second edition, but I was wrong. The first book introduced the topic, this book talks more in depth and am finding the major points very useful – boundaries, control issues, etc.
    I found the end of this book has most highly valuable advice.
    Really appreciated the way she told her truth about how she handled tragic events.
    Great read.

  2. Overall it was good and helpful. I have some of the same problems with it that I have with AA, being that I’m agnostic all the God stuff makes no sense to me. Did help me realize some of the areas of my life I need to work on (especially when it comes to relationships), also will be good to refer back to in 6 months or so and see if I do ‘better’ on the tests.

  3. Good information on codependency, but sadly interspersed with so much god-talk I could barely read it. You have a problem? Just pray, depend on god, etc. Useful quizzes in the last half of the book, though.

  4. “Learn to love and take care of yourself. You’ll learn to love others better.”

    I would honestly recommend this book to everyone. The lessons in this book – learning to love and take care of yourself, embracing your emotions, setting boundaries, and being present in all moments of life – are applicable to anyone, not just those diagnosed as codependent. It’s also a book that you can re-read as necessary when you find yourself in a crisis, or just in need of a reminder.

    Granted, there are some por

  5. Although I don’t believe in a higher power, so some passages of this book seemed preachy to me, it was very helpful in making me face up to my codependant behaviours.

    This past year I have experienced anger for the first time. It frightened me and led me to deny it existed, as I convinced myself being angry was a shameful emotion. I see now that it is not so. I must give myself permission to feel it and let it go. It stemmed from an unhealthy, codependant place but it need not change my outlook.


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