5 thoughts on “The Mother-Daughter Book Club Rev Ed.

  1. I think I would have more of an opinion about this book if I had children. As it is, i think it’s a really good jumping off point for parents who are interested in starting a book group for middle grades/teens. Dodson has plenty of good ideas and many, many different books are named throughout as recommended by parents, educators, and writers. Dodson has 15 titles listed in the back with examples of activities and questions.

    What I don’t like about this book is the layout. There are little testim

  2. I loved the idea of this book. I have two girls myself and plan to start a mother-daughter book club in my area when they are a bit older. I will hold on to this book for the ideas and book lists. However, I had to give it three stars because of a few issues. I hated the layout of it – it was annoying to have to skip ahead three pages to finish reading a paragraph, then backtrack to read what I skipped, which sometimes didn’t even flow with the subject matter. Most of the books mentioned revolve

  3. I bet you’re thinking this book was a little premature. My daughter is only two. I’m funny that way.

    Honestly, I skimmed most of this book. I mean really, 274 pages to explain the inner workings of a book club. Ugh. Not to mention the format of the book was really confusing. Expert testimonies of the benefit of reading would interrupt the chapters, only for them to pick back up a page or two later practically mid-sentance.

    What I did like–lists of favorite childhood books from famous authors and

  4. I chose this book a while ago because I was beginning book clubs and because I had some parents who wanted to connect with their kids by reading together.

    I like the book, I really do, but I also have some issues with it. First off, I think it needs to be updated. It was written in the 90s and such a valuable resource ought to be updated. Secondly, the author and her book club reside in Washington, DC. They have resources that the rest of the country do not have. My goodness! They even had author

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