4 thoughts on “The Moonflower Murder

  1. like a 3.5

    To be very blunt, I’d never heard either of this book or this author before, and I found it through a website called http://www.detective-fiction.com when researching which locked room mysteries to read. After reading this one, I’m probably going to try to track down other mysteries featuring the main character of Horatio Green. Mr. Green is like an amateur sleuth who has a gift for smells. This is the second book in the series.

    The basic premise of this novel is that Green has been invited to

  2. Written in 1955, The Moonflower is a classic mystery of that era. Which is not one of my favorites. But, since I’m beginning to discover Beverley Nichols and am looking forward to reading his gardening books with much anticipation, I’m happy to have read this charming little murder. The author’s graceful writing make even a not-so-favorite genre pleasurable.

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