5 thoughts on “The Mistress’s Revenge

  1. 2.5 stars – It was alright, an average book.

    An interesting character study in which you essentially follow the main character’s descent into mental instability due to heartbreak and depression following the after effects of poor choices.

    I found it rather insightful regarding why people may do “crazy things” after break-ups, as you see why the MC does the things she does and her reasoning (often irrational) for such.

    On the other hand, there is much bitterness and vitriol in the book which make

  2. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I sooooo wanted to like this book. I was so excited when I got a pre release copy and eagerly awaited it’s delivery. The description on the back cover sounded great – just the kind of book I enjoy. However, it just didn’t deliver.

    The book is written from the point of Sally “the mistress” in an affair that has just ended. The book is her journal and is written from her point of view. Sally is a sad, unlikeable, pathetic, self-centered character who drones on and on about herself. Clive, the marr

  3. Well this was a surprise! After very mixed reviews I was expecting a mediocre book, but no, this is a clever, dark and brilliant book. I loved it. The ending was mind blowing too.

    Sally is the female protagonist and the entire book is written from her perspective, I loved getting into her mind, I liked the book format unlike others. It doesn’t have chapters either, just section breaks but I didn’t care, I was hooked.

    Sally and Clive are both married and had an affair for years then it ended. The b

  4. Although both Sally and Clive have partners and children, they embark on a five-year elicit love affair. When Clive ends the relationship, Sally doesn’t want to let go. She becomes so obsessed, she allows her whole life to crumble.

    I couldn’t help but wonder if this was going to be just another formulaic female stalker novel, à la Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Other than being told in the first person through Sally’s journal entries, would The Mistress’s Revenge have anything new to offer?


  5. I won this through the Advanced Readers. This one was a tough for me to get through. I really like the ending, but I found the book to be a little slow. It wasn’t really the page turner I was expecting. I found it a little slow and kinda painful because I like to emerse myself in the main character, but this one I really couldn’t. I have never had that kind of obsessive love and it was painful for me to feel it through the main character. I wanted there to be SOOOO much more Revenge than just wh

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