5 thoughts on “The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea

  1. The Audible version is narrated by the author, Christopher Meeks, himself. It includes 13 quintessential short stories about the human condition. With his trademark sense of humor and quirky, yet realistic characters, Meeks takes us on a journey through the lives of his characters and we even a glimpse into ourselves.

    Many people who claim not to like short stories, usually say because they don’t feel complete. I dare naysayers of Short stories to read this book. Okay, so the endings aren’t wrapp

  2. I liked that these stories are rich in perfectly telling details but surprisingly succinct as well. They cut to the quick. I was moved and/or saddened by each story–so much so that I couldn’t read any of them back to back. Maybe it has to do with how Meeks reminds me of Raymond Carver if Raymond Carver was funny and not so hung up on the sauce, but these stories require the same kind of lengthy refractory period as Carver’s. I find that interesting. After reading one, I’m trapped somewhere betw

  3. ‘You were just around for a series of coincidences and then you died.’

    Christopher Meeks bounces onto the literary scene as a vibrant new voice filled with talent and imagination. THE MIDDLE-AGED MAN & THE SEA is one of the finer collection of short stories that will rapidly rise to the top to of the heap of a battery of fine writers of this difficult medium.

    Meeks writes about all the little bumps and stumbling blocks we all face in our contemporary journey through life. His stories deal wit

  4. I had the honor of taking a writing fiction class from Chris, and he is a wonderful teacher. A wonderful writer, now that I’ve read some of his work. I did not love every story, but I did love some, and I did like most. My favorite story was “Engaging Ben”, about a young couple who learn to love each other again. Every story deals with believable, real-life sorts of characters with relatable issues, especially love.

  5. Christopher is an adept story teller. His collection of short stories offers a unique perspective into the cerebrum of the short story author. His writing is clean–his view is a little askew.Fresh and heartwarming.

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