5 thoughts on “The Miami Giant

  1. I love this book. So under-appreciated and under-noticed. I just sent one off to a dear friend’s little girl. A hysterically funny story with lots of Yiddishisms and great Maurice Sendak illustrations. What could be bad, nu?

  2. Setting sail for China with the blessing of the king and queen of Italy, Guiseppe Giaweeni instead lands in Miami (with some funny pronunciations to be found on the facing pages).

    It is in Miami (so he swerved a little) that Guiseppe and his crew encounter The Mishbookers of Miami, a giant clan who had gone undiscovered for generations.

    With some coaxing, Guiseppe gets Joe Mishbooker to go back across the ocean where he promised top billing in a new show that will feature him.

    Lots of quiet humor

  3. A kinda odd book about a Spanish explorer finding giants in Florida (he thought he was heading for China). He takes one back to be in a show. The giants dances about, but ends up scaring everyone so bad the show is a flop. So the giant gets to go home. Like a said – weird.

    Bright, colorful illustrations.

  4. Giuseppe Giaweeni left Italy for China with the blessing of the King and Queen. Taking a wrong turn, he landed in Florida where he discovered a tribe of giants named the Mishbookers of Miami.

    Convincing one of the giants to return to Italy with him in the hope of staging a song and dance routine which would make Guiseppe rich, became a disaster.

    Dancing and turning, the giant made those who bought tickets very afraid.

    Alas, the giant returned where years later it was rumored that the Mishbookers mo

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