2 thoughts on “The Memory Theater Burned

  1. The Memory Theater Burned by Damon Krukowski
    (Turtle Point Press)

    I bought this book earlier in the year when I
    saw Damon play at the Luminaire as one half of
    Damon and Naomi and I’m glad that I did.
    Although I might take slight issue with it’s
    claims to be a collection of Damon’s poetry as
    for me most of the pieces in the book would be
    better described as short prose pieces as Damon
    doesn’t go in for much in the way of form or
    stanzas or rhyming schemes. But putting that
    aside what he does go in

  2. We went to see DK read in a bookstore in Paris. It was a real treat. A translator read each poem in French before he read it in English, rather than the usual other way around. I was full of good feelings during that reading, although I kind of wanted him to stop so I could enjoy the rest of the poems privately, later (and of course, he did stop. Of course! And left for London to play rock and roll, like any good important-80’s-indie musician/poet). This book is good company.

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