5 thoughts on “The Measure of Madness

  1. When I heard about this book a few months ago, I immediately added it to my wish list thinking that it was going to be about serial killers and other psychopaths. Instead, I was treated to a series of case studies about mentally ill people who had committed crimes. Despite the fact that this book didn’t initially meet my expectations, I couldn’t put it down because it was just too interesting. It was refreshing to see the human side of mentally criminals (for lack of a better word).

    My only gripe

  2. A very interesting look at mentally ill criminals through the eyes of a forensic psychiatrist. Dr. Paradis details many cases she was involved in and describes the methods she uses to determine whether these individuals are competent to stand trial, and whether they were insane or suffering from an “extreme emotional disturbance” at the time of the crime. Contrary to popular belief, most of these cases are not murders; one man Dr. Paradis evaluated was only in for misdemeanor assault.

    The only fa

  3. I felt as though this book was mediocre at best. It was very repetitive and it seemed as though most of this information was skin deep. When I bought this book from Barnes&Noble I assumed it would be about serial killers and their motivations. (I partly blame myself for my disappointment because I should have looked into it more.) There seemed to be a lot of legal issues and the author mainly focused on a criminal’s ability to stand trial. I give it three stars because some of the stories di

  4. I felt that this book had very relevant information, but lacked the follow-through that “non-forensic psychologists” would desire. I like the deeper look into the process of the “not guilty by insanity” plea, but wished there could have been some sort of “Where are they now?” portion. I also struggled a bit with the author’s voice in the book. While clearly knowledgeable and well-written, I felt that there were several unnecessary back door toots of her own horn that would turn me off. Overall I

  5. I was really impressed with this book. It’s written for the layperson, and I not only learned a lot about the role of a forensic psychologist in general, but also more about how the system works. She did a really good job of explaining different symptoms by delving into various cases she’s worked throughout her career. I’d recommend this to anyone trying to get a better understanding of the field.

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