4 thoughts on “The Manx Murders

  1. Two elderly industrialists, who happen to be twin brothers, had a falling out more years ago than anyone can recall, but it had little effect on the small Pennsylvania town of Harville. After all, despite the long-standing animosity between them, the Pembroke Brothers remained the town’s employers and primary benefactors. An uneasy truce remains in effect in regards to business as long as the brothers pursue their hobbies at opposite ends of their estate, one maintaining a nature preserve for bi

  2. I figured out the identity of the murderer by Ch. 14, but a fun weekend read otherwise. And paying 50 cents for my copy at the Siloam Springs Public Library’s annual book sale didn’t hurt, either.

  3. Third in the Professor Niccolo Benedetti mystery series. Benedetti is a professor of philosophy who solves crimes in his quest to study evil. He and his team (a private inspector and his psychologist wife) are involved in dealing with twin brothers who are estranged at the request of the U.S. government. They soon find themselves involved with kidnapping and murder.

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