5 thoughts on “The Man Who Never Missed (Matador, #1)

  1. 4.5 to 5.0 stars. One of those rare “quick read” books that knows exactly what it is and doesn’t try to be anything different. An excellent, enjoyable read with a great main character and a plot that moves along and is never boring.

  2. This novel came very close to not getting the forth star. It’s a good idea and has “some” good action. Unfortunately it bogs down badly for about a third of the book. I’d say it comes in on the “lower edge” of the four star rating (again we can’t give 3.5 so I have to compromise. Just life.)

    I put this on my Science Fiction shelf, yet I know some will probably take certain umbrage at that. Maybe I should establish a “pulp science fiction” shelf???? Oh well, it’s popular science fiction for you wh

  3. The Man Who Never Missed is a 4 Star bowl of hot, buttered popcorn at the Saturday afternoon matinee. Just perfect. This Scifi adventure, written in the mid-80’s, still holds up well. It is a cross between Kung Fu the TV show and the Sten novels. In this case, “Kwai Chang Caine” is now Emile Khadaji, a soldier who deserts in the middle of a bloody massacre. Khadaji is on a mission to fight the Confed(eration) and show people they can take on the ruling elites. The Confed is not so much evil as

  4. There is soo much I could say about this book, however I will pare it down. Steve Perry is one of my favorite sci-fi authors (next to Asimov, Heinlein, and Cole and Bunch) due to his pacing, descriptive action scenes and use of Zen Buddhism ideas in his novels. The Man Who Never Missed is the first of (in my opinion) his best series, ‘The Matador Trilogy’. It is the story of a man who sees that his life path is wrong, and sets off to find his true calling (which is to bring down a corrupt govern

  5. The Matador Series is one of my favorite sci-fi series. Very action oriented, but also with very good character development and a well thought out plot.

    The concept of “one man can make a difference” and “when you know who you are, you know what to do” really struck a chord with me when I read this series in college.

    Good series.

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