5 thoughts on “The Making of Pink Floyd

  1. Pink Floyd is the soundtrack of my life. Seeing Roger Waters recreated The Wall experience with modern technology was amazing. A somewhat twisted story, but I relate in many ways.

  2. This book is a fantastic chronicle of how Gerald Scarfe started working with Pink Floyd, from the moment he met the band, to the designs for Roger Waters’ 2010-2012 The Wall World Tour, including work for Wish You Were Here, Animals (!!!), Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, The Wall in Berlin 90, and Live 8. This book contains a bunch of unused ideas that help to broaden the whole concept of The Wall as an artistic vision and make it more understandable, it gives more meaning to some of the images, a

  3. As a long-time Pink Floyd fan who recently saw Roger Waters in concert performing The Wall, I was excited to get my hands on this book. Gerald Scarfe manages to explain the history of his involvement as an illustrator for various Pink Floyd projects with refreshing honesty about the pitfalls and joys of his collaboration. For me as a fan of both animation and The Wall as a record album, a movie, and the recent shows, this book was a dream to read and view: the evolution of his beautiful but ofte

  4. Fairly decent romp through Scarfe’s archive of work for Pink Floyd. Not really all that much new info or gossip, but there’s enough here even the most well read Floyd fan.

  5. Libro fotografico stupendo. L’autore √® il disegnatore di tutte le animazioni di The Wall, ma anche delle precedenti concepite su scala meno imponente per Wish you were here e addirittura anche per Dark side of the moon. Un genio visionario in un certo senso, che ha contribuito in modo insostituibile e decisivo a trasformare in realt√† il grande affresco concept di Roger Waters. Per i fan dei Pink Floyd una lettura imprescindibile.

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