0 thoughts on “The Magic Lantern

  1. A fairly interesting historical fiction about the infancy of the motion picture industry starting from the very begining of silent pictures. Interesting how the first theaters could only show movies produced by their contracted source, and then movie producers taking over the movie houses to lock distribution. Also movie camera patents that prevented one from creating movies except with the “authorized” equipment. And companies producing “knock-offs” of hit movies to show in their own theaters.

  2. This one starts in New York then moves to L.A. Silent movie making and the rise and fall of producers, directors and producers. The main charactor is a good man, I liked him all the way through the book

  3. I was unable to finish this book because the story did not “call” to me, so I’m not able to review it. I’ve already put it up at amazon.co.uk in my book shop.

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