3 thoughts on “The Little Girl Who Waved

  1. For a booklady I had very few of my own books as a child, but this was one of them and I adored it! It was a true story about a little girl who did something which required devotion and dedication but brought a dream-come-true. After I grew up, I lost this book and, like many things, I expect it was thrown away. My dear mother-in-law, however, told me she also remembered reading this book as a child and loving it. She grew up in IN, the setting of the story. Knowing my fondness for the book, she

  2. Great Aunt Sara recently gave this book to me. It is #216 of 500 copies in print. This copy is autographed by Violet, the girl called Curly Top about whom the story is written. Violet was our priest’s cook and housekeeper for many years and has since retired. I am looking forward to reading this story about someone I actually know!

  3. I was given this book by my grandmother, who grew up with Violet Schmidt in an orphange in Ft. Wayne and lived with her after they left the orphanage. I love this book dearly and it means a lot to me and my family.

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