5 thoughts on “The Library Dragon

  1. This book gets on my nerves with its exhaustive, self-referential, “Ooh! Ooh! Look at me! I’m punny!” overuse of every fire pun in the history of humanity. However, my 6yo and almost 8yo did not seem to notice, or if they did, they did not care. Fine for them, but reading this book was highly annoying for me, the parent. So if the kids bring this home from the library, brace yourself. I’m just sayin’ …

  2. This is a great book for Media Specialists/ librarians to read aloud to students at the beginning of the year to teach about book care. I have done it many times – though not every year.

  3. I had seen this book at the library several times and finally took it out this week. Usually, I try to save all books dealing with dragons for Mike to read to Natalie, but since he usually only reads to her at bed time, I read this to her one afternoon. That was probably for the best because this book turned out to be more about libraries and books (my area) than dragons (Mike’s area). What I liked about this book was all the funny puns. This book would be an excellent tool for teachers of all g

  4. This book is about Ms. Lotta Scales, the librarian at Sunrise Elementary School who loves to keep the library books a little too nice and clean by not allowing any of the students to remove or read any of the books from the bookshelves. What caught my eye right away was the consistent humor in the illustrations of the book and how well the author worked with wordplay. This book can definitely be used by teachers in all grade levels in teaching vocabulary and homonyms. I really enjoyed the illust

  5. This is a fun tale about a librarian who takes a run-down elementary school library and makes it new and nice, but the only problem is that the children are no longer allowed to actually touch and read the books. Oh yeah, she’s a dragon, too.

    This story reminds me of the Black Lagoon series by Mike Thaler and Jared Lee. The librarian is mean and has lots of ways of protecting her books from the sticky fingers, most of which include fire. The word play is amusing and the illustrations are fun, if

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