5 thoughts on “The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham

  1. Who Knew? Though maybe we should have …

    Billy Graham is not thought of as an organizational leader first and foremost, but then again, without the ability to organize and lead, the message for which he will be known as one of the foremost purveyors of in the 20th century would not have gotten out.

    What organizations take for granted today, Graham intuitively seemed to know and understand well before terms such as “team-building and “organizational mission” become catch-phrases.

    More than just a s

  2. Unsurprisingly, the reader walks away from this book with an even greater respect for the humble and powerful servant of God that Billy Graham was. Unfortunately, I felt the book was neither fish nor fowl. In trying to blend the best of the leadership development strategy with biographical elements, neither was accomplished as successfully as I would have liked. That said, there were plenty of good nuggets in the book: the anecdotes from Billy Graham’s life chief among them.

  3. There are many how to succeed in business books out there and this should be considered one of them. A must read with very good insights into succeeding in business and in life.

  4. This was a good balance of biography and guiding principles for leadership. I appreciated the transparency of Graham in his failures and his humility in success. God’s grace and power are evident in his life and through this book.

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