4 thoughts on “The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches

  1. I was young and I needed the money!

    Back when I was a student, I ordered this book from a magazine ad. I had never read any book on finance or business but couldn’t resist the title and the ad copy. I read it and, embarrassed to own a “get rich quick” book, threw it away. I had never mentioned it to anyone.

    This book is far from perfect and it’s dated. The content is a mixed bag, a strange assortment of misc strategies that were supposed to help you get rich. The author was very enthousiastic abou

  2. Joe Karbo lays out the psychology of becoming wealthy. He emphasizes the point where your self esteem and self image play a big part of success. Not only that, he gives you a step by step plan on how to improve it. That’s the first part of the book. Good stuff all in itself. The second part of the book tells you the technical business side of how to get rich. If you do what he says, you’ll notice your wallet getting fatter.

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