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  1. Best prose novel about Superman’s universe that I’ve read so far!


    I did a big bet on this novel since I didn’t wait even to know much about reviews of it or even waiting for the softcover and I ordered right away the first printing hardcover edition when the novel just came out (back then in 2008).

    I don’t know, for some reason I had faith that the book would be a good one…

    …and the faith paid off.

    Since it actually was a very good book.

    I had very good memo

  2. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Rarely do I read a book that can be described fittingly using only one word, but The Last Days of Krypton is just such a book — and that one word is incompetent.

    I could stop there. I should stop there. But I can’t. I must be heard (or read if you prefer the literal over the figurative).

    Jor-El, the father of Kal-El (Superman) and the brother of Zor-El, is the obvious place to start. He is supposed to be the most brilliant man on Krypton (or so we are constantly told). His intellect is supposed t

  3. Possibly the most disappointing book I have read this year (2007). It disappoints on so many levels and in so many ways. For starters, with over sixty books to his credit, I was expecting something better; granted with half of those books based on the work of others (George Lucas, Frank Herbert, A, E, Vogt, and others) so perhaps it is not unexpected that this book disappoints. Much like today’s comicbook writers, either because of a lack of their own creativity or because of corporate demands,

  4. Finally, after three years I was able to read this book over the course of a short road trip. It’s an enjoyable read, but this book fell just short of being epic. We know the planet blows up, right? Good, not too many spoilers follow…

    I’ll list my gripes first:

    Jor-El: He is supposed to be the most brilliant man on all of Krypton but this is sacrificed at the altar of “science must come first” at any cost and also at the altar of common sense. He could tell you how much water a glass can hold, b

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