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  1. A Moving and beautifully illustrated story about Gettysburg, inspired by the experiences of the author’s own ancestors. I choked up at the end while trying to read it to my boys. They then asked for an explanation, which precipitated more of a discussion. Heaven forbid our anger and disagreements as a nation ever lead to such decisive loss ever again!

  2. Trinka Hakes Noble has relayed a Hakes family story about the Battle of Gettysburg. After his two oldest brothers are killed in the Civil War, Gabriel signs up as a Union bugler, lying about his age. His brother Davy is in the same regiment. During a quiet moment before the battle, Gabe fishes with Orlee, a Confederate bugler his own age. During the bloody Pickett’s Charge, Gabe is able to trick the Rebel army into briefly holding their fire, perhaps saving his brother’s life.

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  3. 11 year old Gabe enlists in the Union Army in Pennsylvania as a bugler. He tries to protect his older brother, Davy, especially since two other brothers enlisted awhile ago and never returned.
    This lovingly-told and beautifully-illustrated book was based on the author’s own family history at the Battle of Gettysburg. Readers will see, through Gabe’s eyes, that issues of war can be complicated, often having to choose between service to country, to kin, or even to a new friend.

  4. This is a great story about eleven year old Gabriel who has followed his 16-year-old brother Davy to war after their older brothers were killed fighting. As a bugler for the Union Army, Gabe has the important job of blowing orders to the troops.When Gabe meets Orlee fishing at the creek he encounters a dilemma. Orlee is the bugler for the confederate army. Gabe is torn between saving his brother from the enemy bullet and respecting his knew friend who he intends to see again. This story has ful

  5. This is a tenderly-told tale about the realities of war and how truly young some of the soldiers were during the Civil War. The story explains how Gabe, an eleven-year-old boy joins the Army as a bugler to stay with his older brother Davy, after two more of his older brothers don’t return from the war.

    The narrative is terrific and explains the devastating effects of war on the land and on families, but I think it humanizes the war and really brings it home to children of Gabe’s age.

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