5 thoughts on “The Language Of Yoga

  1. The book is basically a reference with 2 CD’s so you can follow along and hear the pronunciations – and also see the written sanskrit if you are working on that as well. I found this very helpful – the CD’s are organized so that you can hear the pronunciation and english translation and there is a pause for you to practice pronouncing it and then it is repeated again. I found this to be pretty helpful in working on remembering it all.

    Note that it’s very Astanga oriented, but that’s a great place

  2. Fabulous yoga reference book – illustrations of yoga asanas (postures), with accompanying Sanskrit and English names is invaluable. An added bonus is the CD with correct pronunciations and wonderful, lyric chants. A sensational, must-have book for the yoga teacher. Another book that is always by my side, constantly referred to and re-reading (and listening!)

  3. You know all of that Sanskrit you’ve heard in your Yoga classes? Chances are the pronunciation is all wrong.

    This is a great tool for anyone who is becoming a Yoga teacher, or a student who wants to learn the right way to say those tongue-twisting asanas.

    Great tool!

  4. Only 3 stars because the companion CDs are poor – they only give one repetition and in pitched language/chanting, one should really employ someone who will maintain correct pitch throughout. Additionally, the introduction is full of blanket statements, overstatements, and incorrect facts.

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