5 thoughts on “The King’s Deception (Cotton Malone, #8)

  1. This book has everything you need for when it comes to a great adventure book; an old secret, a secret society, American agents, British agents, two old ladies, a thief and, of course, our hero Cotton Malone smack in the middle. He has a talent for really getting in the way of things.

    Cotton Malone is on his way to Denmark to celebrate Thanksgiving with his son Gary. But first he needs to drop off a kid in London that has tried to enter The States with a false passport. And as usual, everything g

  2. Poor Cotton Malone. He can’t seem to make a simple trip from one continent to another without getting caught in a tangle of international intrigue. It’s a gift, he says. He’s a trouble magnet, says I. In this installment, Steve Berry takes us on a whirlwind tour of London’s landmarks with the purpose of reminding us that “history matters.”

    If you’ve come this far in the Cotton Malone series, you know that a simple plot description never prepares you for the complexity and convoluted path of the

  3. I’m going to be honest, and this might be a very short review because of it But the only thing that kept me interested in this book was the plot. The whole book, it’s self was boring. There were two subplots in this book. One of them is the plot I was interested in and the other I really couldn’t care less for as it was so predictable. However the plot I liked in this book was really interesting. There was a time I was really into book’s like this mainly Dan browns book’s but I didn’t feel this

  4. I figured it’s close enough to publication date that I can go ahead and post this. Everyone else has!

    I received (with immature, unadulterated, dance-around-my-living-room delight) an advanced copy from Netgalley for review.

    The mere mention of King Henry VIII sends historians and lovers of Tudor fiction into wild meanderings on the twisted and tangled life that was the monarch’s. Wife after wife, child after child, this man
    redefined not only what it meant to be regent and religious leader in Bri

  5. Berry returns with his newest Cotton Malone installment, sure to impress those with an interest in British history. While transporting a young escapee back to London (a side mission organised by the Magellan Group) before taking his son with him to Denmark, Malone is put in the middle of an international incident. Before British SIS can assume custody, thugs try to kidnap him, which leads to the boy’s escape with young Gary Malone. While the elder Malone tries to find the boy and his son, a larg

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