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  1. If you have driven along Route 20 in Weston or Sudbury you may have noticed the name of the road is “Boston Post Road”. Most people probably ignore it as merely a moniker tapped to prevent you from getting lost. Perhaps you, like me, thought there might be more of a story behind it. There is a bigger story and Eric Jaffe tells it in The King’s Best Highway.

    Jaffe’s interest started in New York, questioning why there was a road called Boston in the Bronx. I traveled the Charles River in my red kay

  2. I found the beginning of this book rather slow. It picked up a bit and I enjoyed the section on the bicycle and its role in promoting the construction of roadways as well as some of the discussion of the competition between public transportation and highways. The book does seem to have only a tangential relationship to the Boston Post Road as other reviewers have noted. An example is when, in discussing “The League of American Wheelmen,” Jaffe writes “About forty percent of this membership based

  3. This took me a while to read, but it was worth the trip. The King’s Best Highway is a series of snapshots from the history of the Boston Post Road which brings one into the worlds of postal delivery, war, love, manufacturing, sociology, urban planning, crime, politics, family dynamics, friendly rivalries, enemy grudges, and of course transportation. The pace is sometimes plodding but, like a leisurely drive, one gains a greater appreciation for the scenery. It is a truly satisfying read. The las

  4. Jaffe’s popular non-fiction book is 3/4 light history and 1/4 travelogue.
    We find this book especially appealing, partly because of the impending national birthday, but also because it reminds us that no matter how territorial our instincts make us about our homes, cities, states or yes, even sports teams, that at one point it was ‘us against them,’ ‘colonists vs. an empire.’

  5. Chock-a-bloc full of history of the region and some surprising “firsts” not widely known. Although it’s specific about this road, you can see the trend of how communities and commodities develop around simple as simple as “the best way to get from here to there”. Very fun and wasy read – especially for history nerds.

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