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  1. I was reading the first couple pages, thinking, “this feels like his Pop. 1280,” when I read, on the third or fourth page, “According to the last census, the population was 1,280.” The two novels are not connected, and The Kill-Off is from 1957 but Pop.1280 is from 1964. Maybe if I read the very long Jim Thompson biography I’ll understand the significance of this. But, overall, I didn’t think this experiment in multiple perspectives was that great.

  2. THE KILL-OFF. (1957). Jim Thompson. ***.
    I keep bumping into books by Thompson that I haven’t read, so it’s time to get organized and make a clean sweep. This title was new to me. Aside from the premises of the plot, it’s not among Thompson’s best work. It is set in the small town of Manduwoc (with the improbable population of 1,280). You are reminded of “Our Town” with sinister overtones. We meet Luane Devore. Luane is about sixty-years old and has been secreting herself in her bedroom for quite

  3. By sheer coincidence, today’s Merriam-Webster “Word of the Day” (2/15/08) is whodunit (“a detective story or mystery story”). Coincidence, because just yesterday I finished reading Jim Thompson’s The Kill-Off, from 1957. Thompson’s novels rarely, if ever, traffic in “who done it” – instead, many of his protagonists are psychopathic killers who leave behind multiple victims in their remorseless wakes. There is little doubt over who the murderer is. And when the protagonist isn’t a cold-blooded mu

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    Descubrí a Jim Thompson a lo grande, con su obra maestra inapelable “1280 almas” donde su terrorífico y aparentemente bobalicón sheriff Nick Corey me hizo descubrir el mal sin fisuras; el mal más allá de toda comprensión asociado a la naturaleza humana. Esa obra maestra imperecedera me recuerda una y otra vez que hay pocas experiencias como leer cualquier obra del genial autor norteamericano.
    De hecho, cada vez que leo una obra suya, el nivel s

  5. The One. The man.
    «Noche salvaje » ya comenzaba en clave de género negro, pronto derivaba a lo kafkiano y terminaba a lo Carretera Perdida de Lynch. Aquí Thompson vuelve a escribir, con la excusa o la etiqueta del noir, lo que da la gana. 12 capítulos para 12 puntos de vista de 12 personajes, a cual más cafre y solitario. Si lo firmara Carrión y lo publicara Galaxia, los blogs y los suplementos se pasarían el año hablando de «El exterminio».

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