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  1. I really enjoyed this book – and not just because it was written by my old boss!
    He went back to writing after retiring, and this book came about when he was diagnosed with cancer, and his oncologist said “the only certainty is uncertainty”. And from that, came this book – talking about two lives that were significantly changed, and the ensuing events. Set in Portland, Oregon and London (places dear to my heart), this book was a fun read, and I’m looking forward to reading more of Greg’s books –

  2. The Illusion Of Certainty is a Romance Drama Fiction.

    Marc Wilson is happily married; a CEO of an influential sports fitness company; has two beautiful and loving children; his childhood best friend and family still in his life and a gorgeous wife whom he adores. Marc believes his life is idyllic until he begins to notice small changes in his wife’s behaviour.

    Aimee is a nurse who loves competition and being in control. She works nights as the supervisor at the local hospital, where Marc’s best fr

  3. Uncertainty is the only certainty there is – John Allen Paulos

    Most of us try to carefully monitor and control the events of our lives. It has never seemed easier. Or so we think. We have so many electronic tools to coordinate our schedules, instantly stay in touch, book restaurant reservations, buy movie tickets, buy books, buy furniture, buy clothes, pay bills, do banking and stay on top of the pieces of our daily existence.

    It makes us feel like we are in control. It makes us think we know what

  4. This book was so good and realistic. And even though it was two story lines it was easy to follow. It starts off with Marc going on a trip to “get away from it all and clear his head” after a string of bad events happened in his life. It then jumped into the explanation to why he was going away; the string of bad events.
    In the end, he realized his best friend wasn’t really his best friend but his wife’s lover. The same man he poured his heart out too about his marital problems on Sundays; why hi

  5. In the novel “The Illusion of Certainty” by Greg Messel, the author has two parallel storylines. In the first, Marc Wilson is a happily married man with a successful business career and a wonderful family. Everything in his life is great, or so it seems on the outside. In the second story, Alexandra Mattson, a single woman meets and falls in love with Sean. Everything is perfect…
    Unfortunately, the lives and loves of Marc and Alex are torn apart. Their certainty vanishes. In Marc’s case, he dis

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