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  1. Trite. I question whether I learned anything from this metaphor-laden book that repeatedly compared the job of an educator to the heroic journeys of Odysseus, Dorothy in Oz, Luke Skywalker, and Bilbo Baggins. I do not accept that the educator’s journey has six distinct stages. Moreover, the metaphor of Hercules defeating the Hydra by burying its immortal head baffled me (p. 62). Should educators solve problems by burying them? I’m not sure this metaphor is consistent with the book’s central them

  2. Having listened to dozens of hours of Campbell lectures in addition to reading several of his books, it’s clear to me that Campbell is a much more effective speaker than writer. It may not be clear to audiences chiefly familiar with Campbell through the PBS series “The Power of Myth” but he is a prodigious scholar of immense learning and insight.

    This book is a delightful and fascinating collection of interview excerpts strung together to tell his biography, illuminated with the occasional digre

  3. There are some great bits in this but there is also some appallingly sexist moments.

    He did some great work looking at the Hero’s journey from the point of view of a man, and what he wrote was seminal, but he just didn’t see stories that had women’s journeys, maybe because they weren’t recorded, maybe because, in the past, it was more important for a woman to remain at home and keep the next generation stable and continuing than go on a journey.

    The biggest problem is that now, this is the monomy

  4. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a long time, and I wasn’t disappointed! True to Campbell’s other works, the depth of discussion about various topics that his life’s work was involved in – myth, mythologies, stories, roles, rituals, etc. was outstanding.

    But the formatting of the book threw me – it’s a collection of snippets of conversations between Campbell and the many poets and psychiatrists and even filmmakers who he inspired with his extensive work on the world’s mythologies. I’m not

  5. Sooner or later all of us will have to face and go through our own :Hero’ Journey” … whether we like it or not! We may try to avoid it as long as we can. I did!

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