5 thoughts on “The Herbal Kitchen

  1. I found this book on the shelf in the library at Sage Mountain. It called my name and I had to come home and order it. It was really worth it. It really brings home the message that food is thy medicine. It talks about the herbs and what they are good for and then gives you easy instructions plus recipes for making herbal oils, vinegars, cordials, salts and sprinkles. Yum!

  2. This book is a wonderful resource, filled with information you’re not likely to easily find anywhere else. Each half of this book (the encyclopedic entries on individual herbs, and the recipes) could stand on its own, there is so much of value in each. Anyone interested in natural remedies will LOVE this book, as will those who are interested in preserving cooking and food lore that is quickly being forgotten or dismissed by this modern age in which we live. I found the chapters on drinks, pesto

  3. What I love about The Herbal Kitchen, you get the knowledge of each herb what part you use so as not to confuse you. There are many times that a recipes calls for a particular herb and you have no idea what it is the leaf or the bark this can be hard for a beginner. Also you have the common name as well as the scientific one. My dad taught me the scientific names so sometimes I have to think about the common ones my husband thinks that is funny most people are the opposite. I love how you get th

  4. Most detailed information for the use of medicinal herbs i have come across. Fantastic and easy recipes i can incorporate into our daily eating adventures…perfect!

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