5 thoughts on “The Heat of Passion

  1. Not a couple you would want to hang out with. Toxic.

    Five years ago Carlo met Jessica, correction almost runs her down and falls into insta-lust with her. Unfortunately for him (and her), she is engaged to her longtime vanilla BF. Carlo pursues her anyway infiltrating her life through her dad’s business. H and h have a passionate clinch that results in her running from him and the H stalking her at the wedding.

    It’s now five years later, and the fallout is her promiscuous slut of a mother has left

  2. This is an intense book. Jessica had very good reason to resist Carlo the first time around. With the terrible examples at relationships that her parents set and her mother’s promiscuous behavior, she was deathly afraid of the sexual attraction she felt for Carlo. Besides, she was engaged. Carlo was arrogant as only a young man could be. He thought that he could crook a finger at Jessica and she would drop everything to be with him. But I think that he wouldn’t have respected her if she did. I l

  3. Jessica is in love with her childhood sweetheart Simon and about to marry him. That’s when she meets Carlo our sexy alpha hero and she is deeply attracted to him. Jessica is afraid of the passion and lust he evokes in her so she rejects him and marries Simon instead. Six years later Jessica is a widow and need’s Carlo’s help. Carlo will help her but only if she pretends to be his fiancé.

    Another fantastic read by the very talented LG. My emotions were all over the place within this story! You ha

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